Empowered stories

Some time ago I started to write

I created notes on my computer, in my notebook. The thoughts poured out in wide flow. I think in English, so I write in English.

It’s a vulnerable place, to expose myself, perhaps it’s just easier this way… I’m letting go into the world the seeds that sprout in me. Passing them on into good hearts. Let them grow.

And then, it is not me telling the story, really. It is the story that is telling me. And it is not my story – it is the story, our story. And I want to create space where you can also share the story that is telling you. A story of a struggle, courage and transformation. A story to remind us of our humanity, humility and strength.

Write it down. Write me:

You’re not alone in this. We’re not alone.

Make Room… For Life

Make Room... For Life. As I was growing up, I learned to walk and talk, I learned all the important and unimportant lessons at school, but I did not learn the emotional literacy. Other than “there’s no reason to cry”, “mind your temper” or “go to your room and come...

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Stretch marks? YES, please!

Stretch marks? YES, please! Recently with a friend of mine we took a closer look at our bodies. Around 40, while still attractive, we have a collection of stretch marks, moles and scars. We take pride in certain, are indifferent to some, while others we hide in shame....

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The world as your mirror

The world as your mirror. A new moon in twins approaching reminds us of dualities, of polarities, of seeming separation of things that are not separate. And yet – in order to see and know one, we need to separate from it, be able to compare it with something it is...

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The other side of the coin

The other side of the coin. I was to meet a friend of mine today. I forgot to confirm the meeting, she did not check it with me. I showed up. She did not come. From being perfectly happy, sitting in a park in a bright spring sun, I momentarily got upset, angry and...

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In the eye of a storm

In the eye of a storm. There were many times, when everything seemed to fall apart, myself included. When I felt stuck, trapped, scared to death and there was no right choice. Only choices that led to even more suffering. Staying in this place was too hard to bare....

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