And what do you want? – the question stopped her.
She was in the middle of facing her life’s dilemmas, analyzing the points of view of important people in her life.
Not seen, invisible, transparent even to herself.
It does not hurt. She is used to it.

“Since you’re born already, at least do not make trouble”. The lesson came early. Mastered at A+ level, like so many others. Intuitive grasping and meeting the expectations of people around her has become her survival strategy.
Her own feelings and needs, condemned to oblivion, for the good cause, now haunt her at night, not allowing to sleep.

Dreams peeking out

The tower is crumbling. The dragon got blind and deaf with old age. The prince stays at work after hours. Or maybe he went whoring.

What do you really want? – dreams peek out from the corners of her cell, dusted longings, forgotten desires… We sit together quietly, not to scare them away. We feed them crumbs from yesterday’s supper, painstakingly deposited in a personal bank account.

And then we go dancing. Nude under the moonlight, on a Saturday night.
In the morning we come back, wet with dew, to feed the children with warm milk from our own breasts.
Girls with wild eyes, boys who can cry.

We listen to their voices coming from the future.

Bare feet thumping on the Earth being reborn.