Empowered relating

 NVC coaching for couples

individual sessions for you and your partner
Do you want to bring more harmony, flow and authentic connection into your close relationship? – you are invited alone or together with your partner.

I offer 1,5-hour sessions in person or via Skype.


During the sessions you will:

  • Learn the core principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication, to support the connection and flow between you.
  • Practice the new skills in real-life conversations with your partner.
  • Get support in being heard about what matters to you the most.
  • Experience what it means to be seen for who you are in your relationship.
  • Create mutual understanding and resolve your conflicts with care and respect.
  • Receive inspiring tools and practices to nourish your relationship in the midst of demands of a daily life.

Discover your way back to each other. 

READY? let’s find time for our first meeting.
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