Do you sometimes think that you feel too much?

Do you struggle with reactivity? With your own emotions overpowering you?

Are you tired of feeling afraid all the time?

Are you fed up with restraining your emotions?

Or perhaps you struggle to feel anything at all?

Would you like your emotions to be a source of nourishment, instead of constantly getting in your way?

Join me in a Journey towards Emotional Liberation.
  • Become aware of what you feel and why you feel it
  • Learn to feel safe with your emotions 
  • Strengthen your presence and self-acceptance in moments of intensity
  • Reconnect to your Self and recover from reactivity
  • Become choiceful in responding to reactivity of others
  • Tap into your wholeness and aliveness
  • Feel at home in your body

Let your challenge become a doorway to your freedom. Emotional freedom.


This course is primarily based on my personal experience, insights and practices, gained during my journey through the world of feelings – from emotional and bodily numbness into an eye of a storm and back home to my Self.

It is not a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) course, although a lot of my insights are deeply grounded in the theory and the practice of NVC. My understanding of emotions is also strongly impacted by the work of Karla McLaren and her book “The Language of Emotions”.

Another key guiding resource on this journey will be your own body – for we cannot recognize, feel and process our emotions, without returning to our embodied selves; and finding safety there. I will therefore particularly focus on the concept and practice of safety – recognizing our bodily responses to not feeling safe, and learning to return from dissociation and alarm states into self-connection and social engagement. In this part I will source from neurobiology, and in particular from the work of Steven Porges.

I will also share with you a core Zen Coaching practice as well as several NVC in Motion practices (all webinars will be built around body-based exercises). Finally we will work with visualisations to establish connection between your visionary mind and the body, and anchor the insights you gained.


You will gain insights, embodied practices and additional resources to support you in befriending your emotions.

Over the period of 3 months you will craft a personal relationship with your emotional world. For a lifetime.

You will be guided step by step, through 70 videos and 7 pre-recorded webinars

Every weekday (Mon to Fri) starting the next day after your sign-up you will receive a video addressing one of the 7 themes, leading you into Emotional Freedom.

For each theme there will be a dedicated, 2-hour-long pre-recorded webinar with embodied practices:

  • Safe to Feel
  • Don’t be Afraid of Fear
  • Hand in Hand with Anger
  • From Guilt to Freedom
  • There’s no Shame in Shame
  • Lighter with Sadness
  • Bring your Joy Inside Out

How much?

You are free to choose an amount that feels good, right, and fair to you, that reflects your financial means and your desire to support Aga and team in this work as they write, film, edit, produce, code and develop the online technical capacity to deliver and administer this series with its related materials.

Choose an amount that feels good, clear, and right.

While coming up with the pricing, we wanted to receive an amount that honors the months of effort that is and will be put in to making this course the best we possibly can.

Simultaneously I also want to make it as accessible as possible.

The solution is to set a range that works for me and let YOU choose the course fee
within the range $50$300.

About Aga Rzewuska-Paca
NVC trainer (since 2014), a psychologist and a coach, she works with people who want to live consciously, with schools with a heart and organizations with a soul. She is a free spirit with a great appetite for life. Seeker of meaning and life fulfillment, stemming from deep connection to her own power. She is convinced that every person has a sage inside, who knows what is best for them. Her passion is to support people in connecting to their inner sages and wisdom. She loves sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as a living, embodied experience, which allows you to integrate these tools and philosophy faster in your life. Going beyond the individual perspective, she is fascinated by the interplay of the personal, the interpersonal and the systemic. Her other passion is bringing NVC into education. She offers workshops worldwide.