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When offering workshops, I’m mostly interested in how NVC – the language of the heart – can flow through you naturally, without thinking “how to say it”.

I offer workshops on different aspects of NVC – including fundamentals, dialogue, conflicts, dealing with particular emotions (fear, anger, shame, guilt) or train-the-trainer, a unique opportunity to hear my insights from “behind the scene”.

I’m particularly fascinated by the interplay of the personal, the interpersonal and the systemic – striving to create both inner change and impact the structures we live in. My goal is to create deep understanding of the essence of the approach, hence I’m keen on bringing body-awareness into the room, as well as attending to the WHY behind particular tools and practices.

I am what I teach. So, I invite participants into a space of co-creation. Focused on the purpose or the topic, we dive into experience and shared exploration – where I’m the guide and space-holder, but not the all-knowing master.

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