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 Life coaching for personal liberation

Whether you are seeking relief from emotional tension, found yourself stuck in your life, running around in circles or you want to find a way to bring your gifts to the world – I am happy to support you. I offer 1-hour sessions in person or via skype. Contact me and let’s find time for our first session together.
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My primary tool is curiosity, fuelled by awareness of needs, which motivate all our actions. The premise that all humans share the same needs is the basic assumption of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which is the foundation of my work. This is what supports me in being non-judgemental about anything that comes up in our work. Instead I see it all as an expression of needs, sometimes a tragic expression, which leads to unwanted outcomes.

Curious and welcoming, I will step with you into the unknown, exploring with you your gifts and your shadow parts, to find the gems that lie within, as well as release what’s holding you back. I will be your ally – offering accepting presence, holding space for whatever arises. I will support you in reconnecting to who you really are, so that from there you can experience the wholeness of life as it moves through you – whether in a form of emotions, thoughts, visions, or bodily sensations.

Life does not need to be so hard on you. And you can find your inner peace and freedom even in the eye of a storm.

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