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Life coaching for personal liberation


NVC coaching and mediations for couples


NVC for teachers, educators and parents


Reconnect to the power of your feminine


Program for Women who are up for Transformation

Working with me

Would you like to get away from the everyday rush and get immersed in peaceful environment?

Meet me in my forest house, where we can work in my serene space or outside, among the trees.

Do you like personal connection and don’t like to travel?

Let’s meet in a space right in the centre of Warsaw.

Do you like ease and flexibility?

Let’s work via Skype.

Would you like me to come to you?

Contact me and let’s see how this can work.

Whichever you choose, I’m here for you.

Empowered trainings

Powerful NVC workshops for groups


Money is a story (…) that assigns roles to people, focuses human attention and coordinates human activity.

Charles Eisenstein

And I want to give a twist to this story – to bring back personal connection, mutual flow of giving and receiving from the heart, and trust that it’s not just a transaction, but an act of care for each other.

The work I do is sacred to me. If I had all the money of the world, I would still do it. And then it’s priceless too. So I decided to offer my work as a gift, a precious one. And I’m open to receive back. Yet, I would like to receive, based on your appreciation, gratitude and spirit of generosity.

All the materials on this website are offered as a gift. And you are welcome to give back to me however much you feel moved to – be it equivalent of your morning coffee, an hour or a day of your work, or more…

You can read or listen to the materials on this website or download them to your computer. You can pass it on to someone it may serve. My only request is that – if you use any of them – you refer it back to me: Aga Rzewuska-Paca,

As for the Program B-Empowered – I want to offer it in the spirit of “pay it forward”. I have calculated my needs around money to see how much I want to receive for my work and time. The cost of the first 7 packages was covered. And working with me, I would like you to decide how much you want to pay towards the next person who comes. Let’s see just how long we can keep it rolling!

As for personal meetings with me, within empowered being, empowered relating, empowered education and empowered trainings – I want to keep the minimum price and be open for any exchange about it.

It is an experiment I’m inviting you to. And it requires courage to face beliefs, blocks and fears – around money, around giving and receiving. Both for you, and for me. I’m committed to do this for a year and then, in autumn 2019, I will share the outcome with you here – in the blog and in the newsletter. And see how bold the next step will be.


Live the change you want to see… together with me.