The world as your mirror.

A new moon in twins approaching reminds us of dualities, of polarities, of seeming separation of things that are not separate. And yet – in order to see and know one, we need to separate from it, be able to compare it with something it is not. To speak of something is to make an object of it; it is to detach oneself from its essence. This is where books or lectures fall short of subjective experience. Meeting your twin is like meeting yourself in a mirror. Everything is the same, only the other way round. And, anyway, you can only meet yourself. You cannot recognize in the other something that is not in you already.

Look around

So, what do you see when you look around? What do you see in other people? What do you see in the world? Where does your attention go? Which parts of yourself get reflected? Constructors cutting trees outside a house a friend, who is going through a major change in her life… A wooden board a man in a challenging relationship makes, where the planks just won’t keep straight, despite his desperate efforts… City traffic driving mad a woman, who keeps being impatient and pushy with herself…

A world of mirrors

We live in a world of mirrors. And then – can we tell the difference between what is and what we think of it? Between the reality and our judgment of it – be it awe or repulsion? Between how things are and what we would like them to be? Do we allow the infinite possibilities of the “I don’t know” open us up to the future? Or do we hold on to our fixed ideas, getting locked up in the past being replayed over and over again?

And what if, just for a glimpse, we could tear down these curtains of separation, of stories, of beliefs. Stand naked in the world, in the pouring rain, in the heat of the sun. Experience all of it fully, to the core. Be the experiencing. Become the universe experiencing itself. And realize that, despite what we’re led to believe, we are not separate, but One. Shamelessly I’mperfect.

Aga Rzewuska-Paca