Hi, I'm Aga

NVC Trainer and Coach. I see you, whole – your light and dark places. And I support you in welcoming and accepting yourself back home.

Aga Rzewuska-Paca

I’m a free spirit with a great appetite for life. Seeker of meaning and life fulfillment, stemming from deep connection to the source within. I am convinced that every person has a sage inside, who knows what is best for them. My passion is to support people in connecting to their inner sages and wisdom. In my work I am particularly fascinated by the interplay of the personal, the interpersonal and the systemic. I balance great intellectual clarity and insightfulness, with the transformative potential of body-based practices. For our minds can fool us and lead us astray, but our bodies guide us to the core of things, through our woundedness, to the essence of who we are.

My story

 I started my life’s journey from exploring proven paths. With background in Psychology and Management, I worked in a corporate world for a number of years. And, while my job was quite fulfilling, I felt empty inside. So I took sabbatical to travel around the world, hoping to find out what my own path was all about. I encountered a lot of beautiful people and places and, after 8 months, I knew much more about myself, but I still did not know what I really wanted.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

 Then, I came across a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshop. “What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.” – this quote of Marshall B. Rosenberg, the founder of NVC, went straight into my heart. Several years and several hundred workshop-days later, the NVC community has become my tribe, and the method itself a way of life and the essence of what I share now in my professional life as a certified trainer. NVC, also called Conscious Communication, facilitates relationships between people, bringing in connection, trust and mutual respect. It helps transform organizations and families alike into environments where people thrive. It is also a tool to help achieve inner harmony, among other things by deepening awareness of yourself and your needs and constructively dealing with anger, shame or guilt.

My inner journey

My inner journey proved to be highly addictive. Deepening my knowledge and experience I became a Zen Coach – offering the power of presence to support others in hearing their inner voice. With time, I started to draw more and more from the wisdom of the body, which is not fooled as easily as the mind. I learned to work with visualizations and intuition, which also help to transcend our mental limitations. I began to explore conscious femininity and understand the unique way in which we women can connect with our power, and be present in the world.

Beyond comfort zone

In my journey I was not alone. I recognize with great gratitude that I could always rely on my partner and friends. It is in building relationships with people dear to me, that I learned deep understanding of self and the other, often times going way beyond my comfort zone. We drew from conflicts between us, in order to create a deeper and more genuine relationship. In the meantime, I became a mother. “Naturally“ conscious, in the spirit of attachment parenting, motherhood became for me another field of deep self-discovery, learning ground about my needs and limitations. Extraordinary lesson of unconditional love and humility; happiness, anger, helplessness and a sense of loss of control over my, so far, perfectly organized life. This is also what lead me into the field of education – where I’m passionate to share my insights, knowledge and experience, with teachers and parents alike. Since 2014 I’ve been working with an NVC kindergarten and nursery in Warsaw, as well as offering workshops for teachers. I have also co-created and run a first gap-year program for youth 18-25 in Poland, aiming at supporting young people in re-discovering their gifts and crafting a life journey, which is a manifestation of who they really are.

The source of happiness and fulfillment

I believe that the source of our happiness and fulfillment lies within. And the path there leads through embracing ourselves with love and acceptance, just as we are. Contrary to common belief about human nature, it is our innocence that we find there, the source of inner-goodness, longing to grow and contribute. In this space we heal conflicts and separation within, to find more love and flow without.  It is also here that you can welcome yourself back home, where your fire is burning. Here are your gifts and the source of your power to be shared with the world.

Inspiring teachers and influencers

It is not only my own experience and trainings that got me to this place in my life and work, but, perhaps foremost, the people I met on my path. I want to name a few most significant ones here – to bring acknowledgement to them and inspiration to you.

Marshall Rosenberg

The late charismatic founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the approach which completely transformed the way I live, relate and communicate.

Miki Kashtan

Billiant thinker, author and NVC trainer, whose persistence and commitment to questioning the status-quo, reinventing life-serving social structures and striving for a world in which all of us thrive, shaped me and remains a huge inspiration.

Sabine Geiger

A very conscious and inspiring NVC trainer, with strong, yet soft presence, who brought into my work Body NVC. A powerful being of love and light, whose peace and kindness bring inspiration, encouragement, and so much more.

Fred Donaldson

The founder of Original Play, a true master, whose clarity, depth and dedication are breathtaking. A person to meet, to be around, whatever your interests are.

Arawana Hayashi

The founder of Social Presencing Theater – an embodied art of exploring how we can transform the quality of collective awareness and action. I’m profoundly inspired by her complete integrity, presence and groundedness.

Kama Korytowska

My teacher and guide in coming back home to myself for years now. Her deep insight and skill to tune in to the truth of Being are remarkable. Awakened presence, embodied feminine, facilitator of Identity oriented Psycho Trauma Therapy developed by Franz Ruppert.

Dominika Jasińska

NVC trainer and coach, my partner in exploration of complexities of life, whose intuition, shrewd insight and intellectual clarity, have been an essential ingredient for this work to be born.

Susanna and Yacov Darling-Khan

Founders of Movement Medicine – a powerful practice of embodied consciousness. I dance with them and I keep learning from them what it means to be a human being and a teacher. 


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