2020-01-17 - 2020-01-25


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International Intensive Training in Nonviolent Communication

I’m really excited to join me in India, Kerala, in this amazing experience that an IIT is.
Together with a group of trainers from around the world we will learn and play to deepen our awareness and skills to live nonviolently. IIT offers a unique opportunity to get immersed into an NVC experience, meet people who share the passion and longing for needs-based relating and living and learn from a number trainers, offering different approaches to NVC.

You can read more below or here: www.cnvc.org/training/iit

An International Intensive Training, or IIT, is a special kind of ‘immersive experience’ developed by Marshall Rosenberg, uniquely offered through the Center for Nonviolent Communication as part of his legacy. It is a 9-day, residential workshop in Nonviolent Communication, typically including 40 to 70 participants with 3 to 5 CNVC Certified Trainers.

IITs have been held all over the world; Sri Lanka, Canada, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, the United States of America, Hungary, and Argentina, are only some of the countries that have hosted IITs.

The participants and trainers live, eat, play, and learn together in community during the training, providing real-life opportunities to live Nonviolent Communication over an extended period of time. Participants develop Nonviolent Communication skills and consciousness with the guidance and support of the Certified Trainer team.