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Empowered Living Aga Rzewuska-Paca B-empowered Program

You can navigate your life being motivated by fear or by love
I choose the latter. I believe in heartful living. I empower people to live from the heart. And it is not a path for faint hearted – it requires courage to stand for what you believe in, to say yes and no with clarity and care, and to open up your heart in compassion – for yourself and for others, for all the pain and separation that we, in our unconsciousness and ignorance, create in our lives and in the world.

The world responds with flow of abundance

When we dissolve cynicism, blame, shame, and destructive anger. When we face our fear and own who we are, our feelings, dreams and desires. When we show up for life naked in our vulnerability, and yet in full power – for you cannot be wrong, being who you truly are. It is then, that we experience liberation, life flowing back to us in full force, our creativity waking up, our passion and joy energizing us to reach out for what we want. And the world responds. It welcomes us with flow and abundance. The pain, the fragility, the insecurity – they may all still be there. Only, they do not rule us any more. They are but the parts of our inner landscape to be received with gratitude, as “guides from beyond” (Rumi).

Let me accompany you in your journey

I have integrated years of my practice and life experience into a life-transformative program B-empowered.

I also offer individual coaching and workshops – in person and on-line.

My particular field of interest is empowering parents, teachers and educators – to transform the way we raise and educate our children.

Write me or let’s have a 15’ call to see if I make a good company for you in your journey.

Feel free to get inspired and uplifted with the audios, stories and materials that I share.

Free to Feel - online course

Befriending your emotions


Program for women who are up for transformation

Empowered being

Life coaching for personal liberation

Empowered relating

NVC coaching for couples

Empowered education

NVC for teachers, educators and parents

Empowered feminine

Reconnect to the power of your feminine

Empowered trainings

Powerful NVC workshops for groups

Working with me is a journey, an exploration, in a safe space of acceptance, which I create.

My primary base and point of reference is Nonviolent Communication. “What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart” – this quote of Marshall Rosenberg went straight into my heart and initiated my journey of heartful living. However, I primarily work intuitively, sourcing from my own experience as well as drawing inspiration from variety of approaches, including Theory U, Zen-coaching, Focusing or Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Empowered resources

Listen to the recordings with powerful NVC-based practices, which can support your journey into self-empowerment.

Empowered stories

Who are you?

Who are you?

Our Self. A tapestry weaved out of memories. A single thread creates an elaborate pattern. One event leads to the next, to the next, to the next ... With each successive stitch, we get more and more entangled in our own identity. Slaves of the image of ourselves, we...

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Everything you need…

Everything you need…

Needs The driving force of our live. Motivating everything we say or do. Love. Belonging. Connection. Comfort. Safety. Peace. Nourishment. Mattering. Understanding. Care. Freedom. Authenticity. Honesty. Meaning. Growth. Contribution. Play. Rest. Movement. Mourning....

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Forgiveness frees the soul

Forgiveness frees the soul

Forgiveness frees the soul Among the jewels of last year’s memories, I come across a very special one. A story of healing and forgiveness. It was a sunny September day, as I left Warsaw heading for Auschwitz; my first visit to this place. I grew up near another former...

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